Is fracking responsible for the flooding of an Upper Egyptian village? – Egypt Independent - 1/29/2013 (link)

The village of Fares, located about 75km north of the city of Aswan near Kom Ombo, is currently being destroyed by severe flooding of contaminated water caused by controversial oil drilling practices performed over the past four years, according to residents. Fares is an agricultural village home to approximately 25,000 residents.

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Leaked fracking fluid contaminated groundwater near Grande Prairie: ERCB – Edmonton Journal - 12/21/2012 (link)

EDMONTON - Leaked fracking fluid has contaminated groundwater after a “serious” incident at a well site near Grande Prairie in September 2011, according to an investigation by the Energy Resources Conservation Board which regulates the energy industry.

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Fracking banned by Quebec government - Vancouver Sun - 9/20/2012 (link)

QUEBEC — The new Parti Quebecois government hasn’t wasted any time hinting about a long-term ban on the shale gas industry.

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France to Keep Shale Ban Until Fracking Alternative Emerges - Bloomberg Businessweek - 8/29/2012 (link)

France isn’t prepared to tap its shale energy resources until “clean technologies” are invented to replace hydraulic fracturing, Industry Minister Arnaud Montebourg said.

Fracking-Free Status For Christchurch Hailed - - 4/13/2012 (link)

Christchurch has become New Zealand's first fracking-free city in a move hailed by opponents of the controversial mining practice.

Bulgaria Bans Gas Fracking, Thwarting Chevron Drilling Plan - Businessweek - 1/19/2012 (link)

Jan. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Bulgarian lawmakers banned hydraulic fracturing and established a 100 million-lev ($65 million) fine for offenders, thwarting Chevron Corp.’s plans to explore for natural-gas deposits in the Balkan country.

Regulators say hydraulic fracturing may have caused oil spill on farm near Innisfail - Calgary Herald - 1/17/2012 (link)
CALGARY – Hydraulic fracturing of an oil well in southern Alberta could have caused an oil well blowout a kilometre away, according to provincial regulators.

Friday afternoon, a landowner in the Garrington area west of Innisfail spotted a pumpjack spewing what appeared to be oil and chemicals onto his neighbour’s field.

European Union report says ban fracking - - 7/27/2011 (link)

"It is ironic that the Petroleum Exploration and Production Association (PEPANZ) issued a position paper glorifying fracking as the saviour of the world's energy problems within hours of a European Union requested study that considers banning the practice outright across Europe" says Emily Bailey, a member of Climate Justice Taranaki.

Australian state sets limits on coal seam gas, fracking - Reuters Africa - 7/21/2011 (link)

SYDNEY - Australia's New South Wales state has imposed restrictions of the burgeoning coal-seam gas industry and extended a ban on the controversial practice of hydraulic fracturing or 'fracking' until year-end to balance the needs of mining and agriculture.

France Vote Outlaws ‘Fracking’ Shale for Natural Gas, Oil Extraction - Bloomberg - 7/1/2011 (link)

French senators voted to outlaw hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, making France the first country to pass a law banning the technique for extracting natural gas and oil.

S. Africa imposes fracking moratorium in Karoo - Reuters - 4/21/2011 (link)

South Africa's cabinet placed a moratorium on Thursday on oil and gas exploration licenses in the semi-arid Karoo region, where the controversial shale extraction technique of "fracking" might be deployed.

Quebec halts shale gas exploration - The Globe and Mail - 3/8/2011 (link)

Shale gas exploration in Quebec has been put on hold until a full environmental study can be done on a controversial drilling technique.